Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

eCash Ambassador Program

eCash provides resources for small sponsorships and ambassador programs. These programs are overseen by @eKoush and funding or compensation is applied on a case by case basis. Funding for this is sourced by the eCash community fund.

What gets funded?

What exactly project organizers and individual ambassadors do is up to them, and will be supported, depending on the resources available and the impact. If a member of the community contributes to community building, marketing or management of eCash related projects, we are happy to fund expenses to the best of our abilities or to add them to our list of ambassadors.

Who can apply?

There is no formal way to apply for ambassador roles, as there are no specified ambassador slots or moderator vacancies we are trying to fill. Rather, we want to support those members who contribute to the project on their own initiative. If you are enthusiastic about eCash and contribute on your own volition, chances are that you get a spot as an ambassador.

To give a few examples of programs we are funding at the moment:

  • Sponsorship for the Vtoons football Club in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • Ambassador for regional communities such as eCash Africa
  • Ambassadorship for active users who help organize events online and in real life
  • Funding for Faucets ( and the free-to-play Telegram casino @eCashplay
  • Compensation for applets and telegram-bot development
  • Sponsorship for a dog feeding program in India
  • And more…

If you have basic knowledge of blockchains like Bitcoin and eCash and also made a name for yourself among our community, then all you need to do is come up with something you like to do to contribute in a creative and productive way. Maybe you are good at creating content, or you have a sizable following on twitter? Maybe you have some trading tips or are great at designing websites or coding telegram bots, or maybe you like to make a few guides on our or Electrum ABC reference wallets. Really anything goes, if it makes sense.

Who should not apply?

If you are completely new to the community or don’t know the basics of eCash, we won’t be able to add you to the list of ambassadors. The resources we have are meant to support our core members who are putting time and effort into representing our project or helping out otherwise. We don’t create ambassadors and assign predetermined roles to them. Rather, we want to reward anyone who came up with something to contribute to the project and already had some impact with it.

Looking forward!

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your projects and suggestions. If you don’t know yet whether or not you should apply, don’t fret. The first step is to join the community telegram, where we get to know each other. Then we go from there!

And if you want to apply, reach out to our Community Manager. Contact: |


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